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The Reflecta company is Europe market leader when it comes to production facilities industrial lighting. We also offer LED and Fluo lamps systems. For many years REFLECTA is producing and perfecting the advanced intelligent industrial lighting systems, which support all European standards for lighting of work areas of all purposes. In general, energy conservation and energy efficiency is imperative in business. Professionally configured energy efficient lighting for production facilities in the industry is very important due to the reduction of fatigue, the large safety increase of the workers reduction of accidental injuries which leads to higher productivity and fewer mistakes in production work.

The longevity and reliability, reduction of harmful gases emissions released during the production of electricity, with the most advanced system of energy management that allows remote monitoring of the process and additional savings is our trademark. Our industrial lighting is produced in the EU in accordance with all European rules and regulations, only with exclusive hi-end components from European and North American manufacturers..

With REFLECTA lighting you can achiev incredible savings of 60-90% and the return of investment is therefore extremely fast - 1-3 years ( rapid return on investment will consistently grow due to rising of electricity prices ). Installation of professional REFLECTA lighting is done quickly and easily, out of your working hours, and does not interfere with the current production processes in your company.






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Free of charge 3D project analysis of your existing lighting system condition, design of an energy efficient intelligent lighting system.

On some markets we provide a model of financing "Pay As You Save' and the possibility of obtaining grants to carry out the installation and maintenance of the intelligent industrial lighting.

Order a cost-free analysis with 3D simulation

Reflecta Led lighting - Intelligent Industrial LED lighting

High-quality industrial lighting is one of the most important segments of production in modern European environment. Reflecta industrial lighting guarantees a fast return on investment, the incredible energy savings, the possibility of obtaining EU GREENLIGHT Certificate, tremendously reducing the CO2 footprint, eliminating workers fatigue, reducing errors in production, raising workplace safety, unbelievable lighting improve.. Purchasing REFLECTA lighting system is a smart business move that makes a PROFIT !

Introducing REFLECTA lighting provides energy savings of between 50 and 80 percent for industrial and other space. For example, TOYOTA PEUGEOT CITROEN car factory, where REFLECTA won in fierce competition with some of world largest industrial lighting producers ( Philips , GE General Electric , etc .. ) and was selected as the exclusive supplier, annually save up to € 200 000 of electricity. In addition to our standard installation, on this location we mounted intelligent management system REFLECTA IntelLight with special daylight sensors which further reduced the amount of energy used for lighting by 40%..

When your company chooses to install REFLECTA highly - efficient European system of industrial lighting ( up to 93.8 % efficiency ) in combination with Reflecta light sensors and intelligent REFLECTA InteLigh controllers you get the ultimate solution of lighting, improvements in productivity and cost savings. REFLECTA industrial lighting, developed in cooperation with prestigious academic and research institutions is unique in the world market, and from the aspect of energy efficiency significantly stands out from existing solutions. All REFLECTA products are classified as IP65 resistant to water, dust and extreme temperatures, and are aligned with the European Certificate of Compliance .

Leader in Europe and Near East market


HYUNDAI Reflecta

TOYOTA car factory - Check Republic

After nearly a year of testing this prestigious Japanese automaker equipted production facility with REFLECTA industrial lighting, which was superior to other tested systems - based on its own analysis..


Coca Cola uses REFLECTA LED lighting

Coca Cola Prag

It is generally known that Coca Cola has a very high technical standards when it comes to products and services that are used in company operations. The fact that they insatalled REFLECTA industrial lighting speaks for itself ..

Five steps to efficient lighting:

Intelligent Industrial LED Lighting


REFLECTA intelligent industrial lighting systems provide a comprehensive solution combining expert knowledge and world–class products and services in the REFLECTA ‘one–stop shop’ business model. REFLECTA intelligent industrial lighting solutions are being continuously developed and upgraded, ensuring trouble–free operation and complete energy management in even the toughest industrial conditions.

Reflecta InteLed


REFLECTA IntelSens is a wireless intelligent lighting system that controls flexible groups of luminaries based on the ZigBee PRO wireless industrial communication protocol. Luminaries are equipped with daylight sensors and sensors of physical presence. The system monitors and controls each luminary separately, and each of them operates independently from the others. This allows for customizable options for arranging groups of luminaries that follow in a just–in–time manner the movements of people and objects from a large height.

Reflecta IntelSens


InteLight REFLECTA intelligent industrial lighting system provides a unique solution in the combination of expert knowledge, best quality products and excellent service, all in one place. REFLECTA intelligent industrial lighting system is constantly evolving and upgraded, thus providing energy management that is easy to use and reliable in even the harshest industrial conditions ..

Reflecta InteLight